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How to shop for tile

Versatile enough to look great in any room in the house, some even install tile flooring in bedrooms in hot climate areas because they like to step out on something chilly in the morning. It’s sophisticated and stylish, but ceramic tile also comes with multi-functionality, including durability, low maintenance, and waterproof capabilities. When you come into our tile store in Augusta, GA, we’ll also explain how it’s hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.

Some are better for some installations than others

A good example is a porcelain. A type of ceramic, it's heavier and denser, making it ideal for heavily trafficked rooms like the kitchen or bath. It's also made of nonporous clay, so it's waterproof, whether or not it's glazed, and can also be used outdoors on patio and deck floors, as well as poolside.

Porcelain comes in an almost unlimited number of colors and patterns and can be made to look like anything, including wood, stone, fabric, and leather. It's often preferred as a stone look because of the larger format; fewer seems to give it a more continuous look like quarried stone. It can also be used on walls, and tub/shower surrounds.

Other ceramics include the 4 X 4 square, best for indoor rooms with moderate foot traffic, backsplashes, accent walls, fireplace surrounds, and shower walls. Mosaics are highly decorative, tiny, and used for baths right now, both because of style and its many grout lines that enhance grip. Terracotta bricks are fine for heavy foot traffic both indoors and out. Subway tiles should be used indoors on low-traffic floors.

Make sure to check labels

Check to see whether it's a wall or floor tile. Wall tiles tend to be thinner, are not meant to withstand the weight, and can be slippery. Tile can be slippery when wet, so look for levels of grip, as indicated on the box as the coefficient of friction or COF. For residential use, look for a COF of at least .50; for commercial, .60. Also, check the tile's porosity, waterproof capabilities, and whether it can be used indoors or out, or both. Impervious is the most waterproof; then comes semi-vitreous, non-vitreous, and vitreous.

For more information about tile flooring, visit the A & D Carpets & Hardwoods showroom in Augusta, GA. We can offer over 40 years of experience and a large inventory of both flooring products and home decor. Our services range from quality residential and commercial flooring installations, subfloor repair, design consultation, custom area rugs and rug binding, free estimates, and more. Visit our showroom in Augusta, GA, convenient to , , , , and for your tile flooring upgrade.