Hardwood floors are an excellent choice for many reasons, including the fact that they are hypoallergenic. They are a perfect addition to any home where you are trying to lower the number of allergen hiding places.

We’re going to look at some of the features that make these floors hypoallergenic, and ways you can get the most out of your option choices. You can put together a beautiful combination of features that works to your best interests in this area. And if you have more questions afterward, we’ll be happy to answer those as well.

Hardwood flooring invites personalization

There are many ways to personalize hardwood flooring. Species type, sealant, stain color, and finish types are some of the ways that you can make sure you get exactly what you want. But you can also choose options that create a more hypoallergenic space as well.

For instance, these floors offer a variety of smooth surfaces, making it easy to eliminate any nooks where allergens such as dander, pollen, or dust can hide. For these surfaces, a dimple dry mop can lift and remove allergens with ease. If a specific cleaning agent is required for bigger messes, you can also opt for more natural products that further work to keep air quality from becoming a problem.

Since wood floors are based in nature itself, there’s much less chance they will contain many of the chemicals that could cause breathing problems. When it’s time to finish your floors, you can take this a step further by assuring sealants, varnishes, stains, and finishes are also free of VOCs or other irritating chemicals.

All-natural hardwood even works to create a better air quality, even if allergens are not an on-going factor in your home. In that case, regular cleaning can be all it takes to create a completely hypoallergenic environment in your home.

Making sure you get the best wood floors

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