Homeowners who love their pets and their hardwood flooring often ask whether pet-friendly hardwood flooring is a good option. There are some outstanding choices you have access to in this product line, so let's look at a few of them in today’s post.

Pet-friendly hardwood flooring options

Engineered hardwood is an outstanding choice for dogs or cats, primarily because it has three to nine layers, and each grain runs in a different direction. These floors are stable, solid, and offer impressive scratch resistance, especially if a tough wear layer is added to the top.

You can choose the species of your liking when customizing your engineered floors, and the harder the species, the better for your pet-friendly home. For example, hickory and oak are extremely hard and well-rounded as flooring hardwood, so they make a perfect addition.

To finish out your pet-perfect engineered wood experience, be sure to choose a finish that can work to hide scuffs and scratches, such as distressed, vintage, or wire-brushed options. The deep grooves not only keep the surfaces looking better over the years, but they will also create a stunning visual that matches a wealth of décor and interior designs as well.

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