One of the best things about hardwood flooring is its extensive visual appeal. In addition, extensive pattern options are available, giving you almost unlimited decor options.

Visual appeal is only one of many excellent benefits of this product line. You'll also enjoy durability, easy-care, and one of the most extended lifespans in the industry.

Create patterns with size

There are several size options available in these materials. In addition, you'll find thin and wide planks, as well as random width installations.

Both of these can change everything about the room. For example, wide pieces make spaces more prominent, while thinner hardwood flooring choices look busier.

Varied lengths also change the room's aesthetic, especially in smaller spaces. And adding what you know you need offers excellent results.

Create patterns with installation layout

The installation layout can yield impressive results for any room. Herringbone and chevron installations are most common, but there are others.

Some homeowners choose wood mosaics for the finished product's rich, elegant look. Once you select a material, we can tell you more about your layout options.

Many other benefits come with hardwood floors

When choosing solid or engineered wood flooring, you will find plenty of benefits for almost every room. Ask about the ones that will serve you best, based on your specific requirements.

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