One of the most fun things when carpet shopping is to see a wide range of styles. You've got Berbers, loops, piles, shags, frieze, and Saxony. Here's a rundown that will help you select the right one for your needs.

First, understand pile and construction

All it is in general terms is a reference to fibers, but that knowledge goes a long way in selecting the right carpet flooring for you. High pile means the fibers and long and loose, like shag or frieze.

Low pile means the threads are short and tightly woven, like a Berber or any cut and loop.

Cut pile means the fibers are first looped, then cut in half with only the end being attached to the backing. The threads have more movement and are a little longer, but they aren’t considered high or low piles.

Cut and loop is, as it sounds, a combination of cut and looped fibers. This style allows for design, whether it's geometric, diamond, pin dots, abstract, etc.

Looped just means that fibers are bent into the backing to form a curve.

Which style for you?

●Saxony is what most people think of when they think of carpet. It’s so versatile, it can work in any environment from the most formal living room to the bedroom. It comes in either a plush velvety or a textured style. The latter is sometimes called “trackless” because it is designed to hide footprints.

●Shag is often referred to as “sheepdog rug” for the obvious reasons. It now comes in an expanded color palette ranging from purple to red to blue and in multi tones.

●Frieze is known for long, curly fibers. It has a more casual feel and is often used as carpet flooring in family rooms, game rooms, bedrooms, etc.

●Berber got its name because it used to be woven by the Berber tribes of North Africa. It had a light background with dark flecks of color. The modern version is a loop with multi-toned flecks.

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