It depends! There are three types of hardwood flooring: solid unfinished, solid prefinished, and engineered. Both types of solid hardwood can be installed over concrete on or above ground level while engineered hardwood can also be placed below ground level. A&D Carpets & Hardwood in Augusta, Georgia offers both a wide selection of hardwood products and an experienced team of installers who handle any flooring job. While engineered flooring can be placed directly on a concrete slab, extra steps often must be taken to accommodate solid wood floors.

More on your subfloor

A plywood subfloor or sleeper system is installed before most solid hardwood strips or planks are placed on a concrete slab. The slab, whether new or existing, must be dry as well as clean and flat before any wood products can be laid on them. Also, a vapor retarder is placed on top of the slab and below the subflooring material so normal slab moisture does not reach the floor. Some solid wood flooring can be glued directly to the slab. Manufacturers' directions often provide guidelines for installation over a concrete slab. The floor will not warp or buckle in future years if the floor has been properly installed.

Engineered flooring could be the best fit

Engineered hardwood is composed of a wood composite base and a top layer of hardwood. In other words, solid hardwood has been milled from one piece of wood while engineered wood is a layered product, which expands and contracts less with humidity and moisture change. Hence, the greater moisture tolerance that allows basement installation. Many engineered flooring products are designed to click and lock installation. Boards fit together to create a floor that floats over the subfloor. Floating hardwood floors, that are not attached to the subfloor, are ideal for installation over concrete slabs. It is also appropriate to glue engineered boards down.

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