There’s no doubt that carpet is as much in demand these days as ever before, and probably more so. With beautiful visuals, outstanding fiber choices, and plenty of added benefits, it only makes sense to choose this for many rooms.

However, even if you know a lot about the material, there are probably still some questions you have, and we’d like to answer them. Follow along for some of the most frequently asked questions.

My budget is small; can I skip the underpadding?

It can be tempting to skip the unseen portion of your flooring experience, namely underpadding, to save money. We strongly discourage this, as the underpadding not only helps create an excellent underfoot feel but also ensures the useful lifespan of your carpet, preventing bunching, balding, and seam separation.

I’m carpeting a large room. Should I worry about seams?

Carpet rolls are usually large enough to floor many average-sized rooms with a single piece, but sometimes, seams are inevitable. The good news is a professional installation team can connect seams in such a way that you’ll never know where they are.

Can I still have carpet if I have pets?

There's never been a better time to choose a carpet for your home as a pet parent. Not only are these floors more durable, but you can also select products that have stain and odor protection built-in at the point of manufacture for added protection.

Is there anything I can do about static?

Static occurs when humidity is low. If you’re having trouble with static, you may need to run a humidifier for better results.

We offer excellent carpet and installation in Augusta

A&D Carpets & Hardwood has a history of meeting the flooring needs of all our customers. When you need a specific material or service, our associates are standing ready to help you browse our inventory and offer all necessary services, including carpet installation, for your successful flooring experience.

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