Choosing the best hardwood flooring color is easier if you have existing decor. We can help with years of experience to add to your remodel of any size.

You're sure to find a fit when you consider all the factors necessary to pick an excellent flooring color. And it's likely to last for decades once you find it.

Think about your existing decor and preferences

Your existing decor plays a huge role in creating an excellent floor color scheme. Every decor has a fitting color match, and with the proper consultation, you'll find yours.

Specific trends in wood floors can help to choose easier, especially with unique options. For example, whitewashed and high-variation choices will need particular color combinations.

Specific color-matching advice

Remember that undertones matter; many wood choices lean to orange, red, and yellow. And they can tend to look dated after a while.

New tones like gray and blue offer a cool, crisp choice for various decor options. Even better, they look to remain trendy for years to come.

It's also essential to consider the cleaning requirements for each color choice. For example, dark hardwood flooring colors quickly show dander, dirt, and debris, but light colors also need cleaning.

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