Padding, or underlayment, is an essential part of any home carpet upgrade. The best carpeting has a lifespan of two decades or more, but only if it is installed with padding. Otherwise, the carpet will quickly become worn. A & D Carpets & Hardwoods is a carpet store in Augusta, GA, that provides a large selection of carpeting, knowledgeable flooring consultants, and an experienced installation team. We also offer an easy-to-use shop at home service.

Facts about padding

Padding protects a carpet from the impact of foot traffic, and it provides insulation against noise and cold. It also acts as a moisture barrier. In addition, carpet lays on the floor better when padding is placed beneath it, and a cushioned floor covering is more comfortable to walk on. In short, padding acts as the foundation for your carpet. So, in addition to a longer lifespan, padding enhances the performance of your carpet. Most often, padding is made of foam, rubber, or fiber.

Types of padding

Manufacturers usually specify the type, thickness, and density of padding that is best for each carpet. The amount of foot traffic must also be considered when choosing the correct padding for a room. Memory foam pads are infused with gel to give the foam the cushiony feel for which it is known. Rebond pads are a homeowner's favorite because they are budget-friendly and made from recycled materials. A rubber pad, which is durable and antimicrobial, is another option.

You can find the carpet and padding best for your home at A & D Carpets & Hardwoods. In addition to commercial and residential installation, we offer design consultation and area rug binding. You can also find home decor and accent furniture in our Augusta showroom, where we serve Martinez, Evans, Thomson, Washington, and Lincolnton communities in our central eastern Georgia service area. We are looking forward to assisting you with your carpet flooring upgrade.