You'll find plenty of beautiful colors available in wood flooring in Augusta, GA. Red is a highly sought-after color choice that serves in many decor schemes.

You should know that reds can also come as highlights and accents. And they offer excellent results in schemes that call for color.

Consider cherry hardwood for red colors

Cherry is a unique floor covering that starts as pink and deepens to a rich, elegant red. The more light the floors are exposed to, the richer and redder they will be.

This is an excellent choice for your flooring, especially with specific decor schemes on wood floors. Be sure to look at the graining and other features that make it look like it does.

Species choices that offer color and graining

When you choose red oak, you'll see beautiful colors, including red, pink, cream, and brown. Large, open grains make customization easy with light and dark options.

Maple is another choice for beautiful reds and browns that get darker over time. It also features a distinctive grain that makes it stand out.

Be sure to look closely at walnut species, which can offer red as one of its hardwood flooring color options. It's perfect for many decor schemes and remains trendy over time.

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