Whitewashed and light-stained hardwood flooring is trending and popular right now. So, many homeowners want to know if, naturally, white hardwood is available for flooring.

Several options may fit your needs and fall into this category. And it's worth your time to find out more about it.

What natural white products are available

The whitest wood available in nature is holly without bleaching or staining. But it's not generally used for flooring and is rarely available.

White oak is a common choice available in large numbers with excellent hardwood flooring results. Many homeowners choose to clear coat these floors for outstanding appearances.

The beauty of white woods

There is a distinct quality in light-colored wood that adds the perfect touch. In addition, it offers a neutral palette that makes an ideal base for playful decor.

But it's also often used to create a luxurious experience in more formal spaces. Few colors are better for dining rooms, open-plan foyers, and home offices.

So many benefits to wood flooring

While wood floors offer exceptional visual benefits, there are plenty of others. Lifespans range from 30 years with engineered wood flooring to 100 years or more with solid wood.

You'll also enjoy the outstanding durability and extensive personalization options. Regardless of the size of your remodel, you'll enjoy an excellent experience.

We have the wood floors you need

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