If your engineered wood flooring features a floating floor installation, you’ve probably considered an underlayment, as these are often included in floating installations. But you might wonder if they come with this padding already attached, and we’re going to talk more about that right now.

Engineered wood flooring can benefit from padded underlayment

Some engineered flooring does come with padded underlayment attached. These products are installed as one piece, yet you get all the advantages from both flooring and the underlayment, all in one single product.

If your chosen floor covering doesn’t come with this layer attached, you don’t have to worry or feel you’re missing out. You can always add an underlayment underneath your floor covering for the same excellent results.

What results can you expect with an underlayment? The most sought-after advantage is a quieter, more peaceful environment, as noise reduction is one of the most common features.

But it also adds more softness and resilience, which translate into a warmer, more comfortable step wherever it’s installed. It is particularly beneficial in spaces where you’ll be standing for long periods.

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