If you have solid hardwood flooring, then yes, you should acclimate it. Solid wood moves to adjust to the weather, expanding when humidity rises or contracting when the weather gets cold. Most of the damage occurs when the floors move. If you have engineered wood floors, you may not need to acclimate, as the construction results in them being stable and better able to handle water, but it is sometimes recommended.

What is acclimation?

This is an easy but necessary process that allows the solid wood to adjust to their new climate; remember, they are often harvested in locations outside your area, so they need to get used to a new environment. 

To acclimate, simply leave opened boxes or lie the planks on the floor in the room you are to install for three to five days. Your flooring expert will guide you on the best way to do this.

The reason it's so important is that if the planks expand, they will crowd each other. That is when the hardwood floors cup and crown. When they shrink, that can result in gapping. While hardwood is easy to maintain, wipe spills immediately as they can warp when exposed to excess water.

Why doesn't engineered always need it?

While solid is one thickness throughout the plank, engineered is layered. There's a slice of genuine wood on top to give it the brilliant undertones and quirky knots, swirls, grains, and wormholes we've come to expect. 

Underneath are three or more layers; they are genuine wood combined with a little resin and then placed in a crosswise position. As a result, it doesn't expand or shrink and can be placed in higher-than-normal moisture-prone areas where engineered cannot. As in solid hardwood, this can be sanded and refinished and adds value to any property.

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