When you walk into our carpet store in Augusta, GA, you'll be amazed at all the fiber choices, styles, colors, and designs. This #1 floor covering choice among homeowners offers something for every decor, lifestyle, and budget.

Here are four facts you should know about carpet flooring.

Fact #1: Rugs improve indoor air quality

They act as an air filter by trapping pollutants and other particles in their fibers until the rug is deep-cleaned, taking them out of the breathing zone.

Rugs are fine for residents with allergies and asthma. Many fibers have inherent hypoallergenic properties, such as repelling mold and mildew.

Fact #2: Professional cleaning extends the life of your carpet installation

It's not enough to vacuum. That only removes the surface dirt, not the stuff trapped in the fibers.

Dirt and soil are sharp and will fray the fibers and backing. When the backing goes, there's nothing to protect the rug from the bare floor and foot traffic. Also, stains will set, so rugs will always look dirty and dull.

Fact #3: Rugs can save on energy bills

Augusta gets pretty hot, but we also get cold snaps. In fact, at the time of this writing, it was 36 degrees!

When combined with good padding, carpet flooring will block drafts to keep the warm or cool air from escaping.

Fact # 4: There are kid-and-pet friendly carpets

Modern technology enables mills to create products with extra stain resistance, durability, and anti-fade fibers. Nature Appeal 11, from Mohawk's SmartStrand collection, was extensively tested at both kids' parties–which get pretty messy. It was also tested in a large-animal cage at a zoo. It is available in 40 colors.

Augusta, GA’s #1 flooring source

A&D Carpets & Hardwoods is locally owned, with over 40 years of experience. Our team of experts will help you decide on the right carpet flooring.

Come into our showroom in Augusta, GA, where you'll see not only names like SmartStrand–but also Phenix, Karastan, etc. We service Martinez, Evans, Augusta, and North Augusta, GA.