We’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who didn't love hardwood flooring. Wood floors add warmth and charm to a home with gorgeous natural designs that never go out of style; they work with any decor from modern to traditional and rarely need to be replaced. Choosing can be a little daunting, however, with more than just color to consider. Here are some tips for finding the right wood for you.

1. Decide on basics

Do you want solid or engineered wood flooring? While they both look similar in appearance, they have different constructions that affect performance. Solid is one thickness all the way through, while engineered in layered, making it more stable and better able to handle water.

Consider not only primary colors but also undertones. These are secondary hues that can highlight, accent, or create chaos when not coordinated and balanced with other cool or warm tones. This is also the time to think about stain and sheen level.

Other considerations include deciding on:

2. Species. Some hardwoods are harder than others, so determine if you have extra durability needs. There are also exotic species (harvested outside the U.S.) and domestics (harvested within), and some with more knots, raised grains, and swirls than other, more quiet woods. This is also the time to think about texture, be sure the grains and your texturing-of-choice work well together.

3. Plank width. Wider planks are currently trending, are more traditional, and are better able to display knots and grains. While they can make a room look more expansive, they can also crowd a smaller space. In smaller rooms, you might prefer narrow planks that have a more contemporary look. The ideal thickness is ¾-inch.

4. Installation. Solid hardwood flooring is the tongue and groove technique, while engineered can be a floating floor which is faster, uncomplicated, and possibly less expensive. Here, pieces click together to mat and hover over subfloors.

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