There was a time when you couldn't have a carpet and a dog. But times have changed, and so has carpeting.

Now, you can have the most outstanding floors in the same house with pets, with no problems whatsoever. And it's worth your time as a pet owner to find out more about how it's done.

Specific pet-related protection

We understand that you worry about stains and odors for carpeting. But more manufacturers are taking the time to cater to your specific needs.

Some products now come with built-in stain and odor protection. And that gives you a better-looking carpet and products that last longer as a result.

The same benefits you're used to

When you need excellent protection with a pet in the home, you shouldn't have to make sacrifices. And you'll be happy to know that now, you don't.

You'll enjoy the same great fiber choices, excellent visuals, and luxurious comfort. Along with these, you get the benefits of noise suppression and hypoallergenic surfaces.

You can tailor your carpet installation so that your floors do just what you need them to do. And our associates are standing by to make sure you find your perfect match.

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