When it comes to carpet, the words “texture” and “style” are interchangeable, because textures do define a style. Everyone wants carpet flooring that not only adds warmth, beauty, and charm to their home but also provides softness and a cushion-like feel on which to walk. Other aspects, such as fibers, also plays a part because they can be cut to be thick and soft, or not. While you don’t need to be a rug expert, you should be familiar with some basic information before you start shopping.

Carpet textures

In plain English, cut pile means the looped fibers are cut in half to stand straight, and they are available in different lengths and thicknesses, from the clipped, shorter plush cut pile to the longer and curly frieze. Saxony is a popular cut pile that’s neither short nor long. It comes in two versions, plush and straight (often called “trackless,” because it doesn’t leave foot or vacuum indentations.)

A looped style, such as the Berber, means the fibers are not cut. Looped has a sub-category called cut and loop and, because of the varying fiber lengths, patterns get embedded to create the textured style.

Other considerations include durability, budget, and stain resistance

You should also carefully consider rug piles and fiber. High pile means the fibers are long and loose, like the shag (also sometimes referred to as “sheepdog rug” for the obvious reasons.) It’s fluffy with a distinctive appearance and now comes in a wide color palette including both solids like red and purple to multi-tones. The low pile rugs (short, tightly woven fibers) are easier to keep clean.

Fibers, like nylon and Triexta, are known for strength. Triexta also has permanent stain resistance built into the fiber. Polyester and olefin are both “hydrophobic,” meaning that they don’t have open dye sites, so they have an inherent resistance to stains. Wool is the most common type of natural fiber; it is beautiful, fluffy, and white with natural oils that resist stains; sometimes wool is combined with a synthetic to increase both stain resistance and soil repellency.

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