If you’re ready to get serious about carpet, A&D Carpets & Hardwood is a great place to start! The truth is, there are many characteristics, benefits, and attributes in this product line, and it can take time to navigate through them.

For instance, your particular circumstances might dictate one type of flooring, while someone else might need something different. But how can you tell? Well, that’s what we’d like to help you with.

Navigating carpet fibers

Choosing an appropriate fiber is a great way to get started with this material. Some carpet fibers are particularly suited for high traffic or homes with pets and children. Others are more at home in spaces where there’s little in the way of traffic or activity.

Nylon and polyester are excellent fibers for your busy home, as are any brands that have had stain protection manufactured into the flooring. These fibers tend to hold up better under heavy usage and are more stain and crush resistant.

For lesser-traveled spaces, you can consider special features such as all-natural wool or “shag” carpet. These are perfect in spaces where you prefer an elegant and high-end feel, especially in formal areas.

Navigating benefits of carpet

Some benefits make some flooring choices better in specific situations. Hypoallergenic fibers, for instance, make the flooring a better option for those who suffer from allergies. These fibers trap and hold allergens such as pet dander, dust, and pollen, to be easily removed when vacuumed.

Other benefits available to you include the lush softness, which is typical for this material. It creates a perfect space for small children and a stable surface for walking aids as well. Noise reduction is another common trait, which offers great peace, even in busy spaces. And we can’t forget the heat retention that can also help to reduce your energy bills in colder weather.

Navigating the final carpet options

Putting all your requirements and preferences together paints a picture of the exact carpet that will work best for you in your home. If you need to know how to choose a good carpet, especially if you’re from the areas of Martinez, Evans, Augusta, or North Augusta, feel free to visit A&D Carpet & Hardwood at our Augusta, GA showroom.