When you hear the term "hardwood" flooring, you are likely to think that every product is extremely hard. However, there are different hardnesses among species, and we want to tell you more about how that hardness is measured.

Measuring hardness in hardwood flooring

The Janka scale is a hardness measurement test that the flooring industry uses to rate any hardwood's hardness. The test measures the amount of force required to sink a .444-inch ball made of steel into a wood piece to half its diameter.

To give you an idea about the hardnesses of specific wood, the softest wood, Cavanillesia platanifolia, only requires 22 pounds of pressure to embed the steel ball to half its diameter. However, the Australian bull-oak requires two and a half tons of pressure to accomplish the same tasks.

For most homeowners, a good oak hardwood flooring offers plenty of durability for busy areas of the home, even with pets and children. The same is true of species you choose for engineered wood flooring as well, as the ratings for the veneer are the same as the ratings for a piece of solid hardwood material.

If you’d like to know more about the hardness levels of different species, be sure to visit us. Our associates are happy to explain the ratings and show you the woods in person.

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