One of the questions we hear most often refers to the frequency with which you should clean and vacuum your carpets. We will discuss that question in today's post and invite you to follow along to find out more.

Here are some facts about cleaning your carpet

Vacuuming should be a daily experience, especially if you have pets, children, or a busy and active household. This is the best way to keep dirt, debris, and allergens from becoming ground deep down into the fibers of your flooring.

If your home receives very little traffic or activity, you could go longer between vacuum days because there’s not as much to clean. However, if there is a spill or mess, be sure to handle the situation right away to avoid unwanted results.

When it comes to professional cleaning, average households should have a professional carpet cleaning once every twelve to eighteen months. Again, if there’s little traffic, you can go longer before a professional cleaning is necessary, with results that look just as good.

When you have a spot cleaning to attend to, we recommend that you not let these sit too long before attending to them. Set-in stains are harder to get out if they can even be brought out at all.

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