Hardwood flooring is so much more than just a way to cover a subfloor. You could choose products from this flooring line that last over 100 years.

The benefits you'll gain from hardwood floors serve you well, so you'll want to get the most you can from your products. Here are some ideas to make them last as long as they can once in place.

Start with professional installation

Hardwood is an exceptional flooring that demands specific installation methods to ensure the best results. For instance, hardwood flooring in Augusta, GA, must be acclimated from one to three days before installation.

Once it does, a wealth of experience is necessary to ensure results you can live with and pass down to future generations. But, more importantly, you'll have peace of mind knowing our installation team stands behind the work.

Clean up spills as soon as they happen

Spills are a part of life; when they happen, it takes time to clean them up immediately. Of course, some substances can cause more problems than others, but cleaning spills quickly ensures excellent results.

In rooms where spills are expected, hardwood floors with the proper sealant and texture can help you stay ahead of the issue. However, if you need help deciding what that should be, we're here to offer our suggestions based on your requirements.

Choose to visit our showroom for your hardwood flooring

At A&D Carpets & Hardwoods, we cater to all your flooring needs, from product selection through installation and beyond. In addition, we offer an excellent inventory and advice on making the most of your new flooring, especially in a busy household.

When ready for the best flooring, please stop by our hardwood flooring store in Augusta, GA. Our associates will be standing by to help you, as we’ve helped residents from Martinez, Evans, Augusta, and North Augusta.