If you plan to combine carpet and hardwood flooring, you'll need this information. A transition is necessary for smooth results when one flows into the other.

Several types of transitions will work. And it helps to understand how those options affect you.

Why are transitions necessary?

There is often a height difference when you move from carpeting to hardwood or vice versa. Carpeting is thicker than any hard surface flooring, and a transition helps.

With the right transition, there are fewer opportunities for falling and tripping. And it creates a much better visual wherever carpet flooring is transitioned.

Types of transitions available

You'll find several materials options as you search for the best flooring transitions. Metal and wood are the most common for connecting these two flooring types.

Different shapes are available that create the looks you want and need. Be sure to consider all the choices before making your decision.

Transitioning for your decor

Don't forget that transitions are a part of your decor scheme and can be as ornate as you want them to be. For example, when carpet transitions pair with air return covers or wall accents, you'll create a stunning look in every space.

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