The cost of any flooring is directly related to how many square feet of material you need and carpet flooring is no exception. While a representative of our sales team will come out and give you a firm measurement, sometimes it is nice to have an idea of how much you will need before you arrive at the store. This number will help you know which carpets fit into your budget and which do not. But how is it done?

A tape measure, a pen, and a pad of paper

Draw a picture of the room or rooms and then label them. Then take some measurements. As a guide measure the length and width of each room at the widest point. Mark these on the paper.

Don’t forget closets, the steps, or the hallways. You can draw those in your picture too. When it comes to stairs, these can be a bit tricky, but not to worry, our professional installers will know exactly how to measure when they come out.

As a rule of thumb with measuring for carpet, professionals add three inches to each measurement to compensate for rooms not being completely square. The other item that is important to understand is once you’ve chosen your carpet, is how the seams will connect.

Looking for carpet flooring in Augusta?

At A&D Carpets & Hardwood we have options galore. We provide a great experience with our team. It’s important to us that nothing compromise our service to you. That is why it is our practice to send a representative to take measurements of your home when you are buying carpet flooring or any flooring for that matter.

Our measurers are swift and professional, and when you go with us, there is no need to worry about mistakes. So, if you live around the corner in Augusta, GA, or down the road in Martinez, Evans, or North Augusta, plan to visit us. We have a lot of experience that we would like to put to work for you, especially when it comes to carpeting.