Eco-friendly flooring materials are rising in popularity among many homeowners, so you might wonder if carpeting is a recyclable flooring choice. The good news is that it is, and you can specify this when you begin to shop this line.

With a wide variety of materials and products, you’re sure to find the product that best fits your requirements. Let’s find out more about that right now.

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Wool flooring is, of course, the only all-natural carpeting option and is the best choice for eco-friendly flooring. In addition to some materials reaching lifespans that exceed 20 years or more, it’s the easiest material to recycle once it’s no longer suitable for flooring.

Another good option is PET polyester, which is manufactured using recycled materials. It’s durable, affordable, and straightforward to recycle into something else later.

A newcomer to the list of environmentally friendly flooring materials is Sorona Smartstrand. Corn sugar is used in this fiber production, and it’s an excellent choice you might want to discuss further with your flooring professional.

You can even take your environmental concern a step further by seeking out eco-friendly carpet underpaddings as well. There are various brands and types to choose from that will make your entire flooring experience better for your recycling venture.

When you’re ready to discuss all your options, be sure to visit us when you’re in the area. We’ll share all your options and work to match them with your specific requirements and preferences.

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