One of the most-asked questions about hardwood flooring is whether it’s scratch resistant. The good news is that if you need scratch resistance, you’ll find it in this remodeling option.

The more you know about these materials and the services accompanying them, the better prepared you can pick options that cater to your needs. Here are some facts about scratch and wear resistance that you should know before shopping.

How to get scratch resistance?

If you have an active home with pets or children, start with a durable wood species for the best protection against daily wear. For example, wood floors handle traffic and child’s play better when you choose a hard species that doesn’t scar easily.

But more than choosing a hard species alone is needed to provide scratch resistance, especially in busy spaces. A protective topcoat adds the extra protection you need and can last for decades against all forms of wear.

You'll also find that a textured finish, such as hand-scraped, wire-brushed, or distressed, can also add superb scratch resistance. These surfaces don't show scratches, scars, scrapes, or scuffs unless the damage is significant.

For the best protection, choose a combination of the best wood flooring in Augusta, GA. Choose a hard species, an excellent protective topcoat, and a textured finish for pet-proof, kid-proof floors that can last multiple decades.

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