As you search for the perfect carpet flooring, you'll consider the fibers they're made of. But do the fiber types play a role in the performance of the carpeting?

Each fiber has different characteristics that can change the entire room. And here are some facts about fibers that could change things for your home.

The performance of natural fibers

When you choose natural fibers, you'll often find very durable flooring. In addition, they usually perform well, even in the busiest spaces.

Wool is a great choice that's strong, resilient, and works well in heavy traffic. And you'll find many reasons to install carpet in various spaces.

The performance of synthetic fibers

Nylon has always had a reputation for excellent strength and resilience. This carpet works well in medium traffic, and with built-in stain protection, in high traffic as well.

Polyester is a great way to protect against permanent stains. But it also offers stunning visuals simultaneously, for a great combination.

Which fiber type is for you

You're more likely to get more wear from nylon flooring in busy areas. And they also handle dampness better than some natural fibers.

Natural fibers could work best if you prefer eco-friendly carpet flooring with excellent benefits. Benefits specific to wool include heat resistance and natural mold resistance.

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