A wall-to-wall carpet installation was a trending feature in 2021. And it looks like it will gain momentum in 2022.

The style runs from one wall to the other, covering the expanse of the room it's installed in. And it's an excellent choice for many reasons, even if only in one room.

Benefits of wall-to-wall carpeting

All carpet choices offer a warmer surface space, which increases with wall-to-wall carpeting. In addition, the product seals all gaps around the room's perimeter, between walls and flooring.

It also adds unique texture, even with tight, dense fibers. Carpet flooring is a great way to floor many rooms for impressive touch and benefits.

Take advantage of striping with wall-to-wall options. The effect will differ based on the shape of your room and the lay of natural light as it enters the room.

Many other carpet benefits are available

There are many reasons to choose carpet for your home. As you live with the products, you'll see them serve you, especially over time.

Heat retention is a great benefit in winter, helping keep your home warmer. While carpet flooring doesn't generate heat, it acts as an insulator.

You'll also find fantastic visual effects that give you a perfect decor match. Enjoy solid colors, patterns, lengths, and so much more.

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