To begin with, let’s talk about some of the practical benefits of carpet. It is soft underfoot, it can be installed pretty much anywhere inside your home (as well as outside!), and it adds a layer of insulation to the flooring. Think about it, who doesn’t like to scrunch their toes in a nice soft carpeted floor or have a place to sit down and play with small children or grandchildren.

And, while one typically does not think of brutally cold winters when one thinks of Georgia, they still get cold enough that you can appreciate the benefits of that added insulation. Finally, not only is carpet something that can be installed upstairs and downstairs, but it can also be installed outside on porches or patios, all at a very reasonable price.

Practical is not the only factor, though

No, it is not. No matter how practical a flooring it may be, it needs to be attractive to the eye. With carpet, you have a wider variety of styles and colors than you have with any other type of flooring. There are cut-loop pile products like a twist, a Saxony, or a frieze, and there are loop-pile pieces like Berbers and commercial flooring.

There are even patterns that add a level of style and character to the flooring. Finally, colors are present galore. There are options in everything from neutral beiges to bold and vibrant reds, blues, and greens. From formal to casual, carpet can give the room an extra splash of color to bring all of the elements together.

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