Random width lengths and widths in hardwood flooring are a trend that's growing in popularity. More homeowners are finding that this is a choice available to everyone.

In today's post, we will tell you more about the trend. Read along for a better understanding of the materials.

What are random widths and lengths?

Random widths and lengths refer to the formatted size of each plank. Choosing to mix and match these sizes gives you an exciting and unique appearance.

This installation is ideal for rustic designs, traditional décor, and more contemporary settings. Its wide range of use means it will likely keep you current for years to come.

Variables with wide and slim planks

Board size can change the entire feel of any room. Wide planks create the look of a larger space, while slim boards offer a different charm.

Random widths include three, five, and seven-inch designs in most installations. However, different sizes can be used depending on personal hardwood flooring preferences and desired outcomes.

Installation layout matters

When you choose variable-width hardwood, professional installation ensures a flawless experience. In addition, we will help plan your pattern and layout to ensure a perfect fit.

We will consider everything for the best hardwood flooring results. Be sure to speak with our designers when you’re ready to begin your remodel.

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