You have two main options to choose from in the hardwood flooring category, with both similar and different characteristics. To find out more about these and to help you better select your personal best, be sure to read along with us in today's post for more information.

Engineered wood flooring vs. solid wood

Both solid and engineered wood flooring gives you the option to choose your favorite species, stain color, and finish, with a wide variety of options. Of course, these will vary based on whether you choose prefinished or unfinished (also known as site-finished) materials.

They are also similar in that they can be refinished once wear begins to show through, allowing years of wear to be stripped away and new options put into place. Engineered wood can be refinished up to several times, just like solid wood, depending on the thickness of the actual wood veneer that sits atop its layers of plywood backing.

Engineered floors differ from solid wood because their construction features layers of plywood, topped with a veneer of natural hardwood. It can also be installed in below-grade spaces, where a solid wood could, because it works better in these areas, with considerations for the relative humidity, which we can discuss in detail when you visit us.

We offer hardwood flooring you will love for years

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