There's a good reason why carpet is, and always will be, one of the most popular floors.  It adds beauty and charm. With technology, it just keeps getting better and better, with ever-expanding color palettes, vibrant patterns, new styles, and benefits that include increased durability and stain resistance.

Thought needs to go into both your wants and needs before you start shopping.  Here are some tips for buying the best rug for your needs.

Explore your lifestyle and carpet needs

Do you have a big or small family?  Is there heavy or light foot traffic? Do you have kids, pets, or senior residents who used mobility devices?

In what room do you plan to install?  This is important because every room has its challenges and priorities.  What may be a great choice for the bedroom, for example, might not work for the stairs.

Is it large or small?  Is it sunny or dark?

What is your home’s overall decor?  Nothing needs to be a perfect match, but it should coordinate.

Communicate this to the flooring pro so he or she can properly guide you.

Is this a new carpet installation or a spruce up?

This is why we’re asking this question:  If the room is empty, select upholstered pieces, such as the sofa, before the carpet flooring.  They are more limited in style and color than flooring. If you select the floor first, you'll be limiting yourself even more.

Know terms, such as:

  • High pile, with long, loose fibers such as shag or frieze rugs.
  • Low pile, with short, tightly woven fibers, such as the Berber or any cut and loop.
  • Density, how closely the fibers are tufted together, determines quality, not necessarily weight.
  • Saxony carpet has many different looks, so it can fit into any decor.
  • Know fibers.  The five most common are wool, which is 100% natural. Synthetics include nylon; polyester; olefin and Triexta. Whether you choose a natural or synthetic is a matter of personal preference; they are all good.

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