When you choose hardwood flooring, you'll get impressive visuals that serve every room. But you should know those good looks require a certain amount of maintenance.

The good news is that maintenance isn't as hard as you might think. Here are some tips for maintaining these surfaces for years of performance

Choose the best species for your needs

Choosing the proper species is an essential first step for maintenance that works. The more in-house traffic you have, the more durable your species should be.

This makes it easier to maintain your floors because they aren't wearing down too soon. With solid or engineered wood flooring, you can help keep them looking good for years to come.

Use only cleaners and tools specified for hardwood flooring

A broom and dust mop is usually perfect for daily cleaning. But if you have a bigger mess, use only recommended cleaners and tools for the task.

This helps keep your wood floors in great shape, with no damage. And proper cleaning is the best maintenance technique.

Refinishing will be necessary at some point

Refinishing isn't a part of regular maintenance, but it can be necessary. Once you start to see wear beginning to show, hardwood flooring refinishing will soon be required.

Wear can show through scuffs, scratches, water spots, and fading. And we can assess your floors to see if it's ready to be refinished.

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