Homeowners prefer trending carpet products because they keep you current. But what else can they do?

Choosing an existing trend is a great way to achieve style, functionality, and performance. So today, we will tell you about some specific product trends in this flooring line.

Trending carpet features

Stain-resistant carpeting is a popular trend that many homeowners appreciate. Some brands offer built-in protection that relieves the possibility of permanent stains and odors.

For commercial locations, carpet tile is a trend that is gaining momentum. They’re easy to install, offer excellent qualities, and can last for years.

Trending carpet flooring colors

This year, bold colors and patterns can make a huge statement. Multi-colored options are another choice that allows you to include all your favorite colors in a single piece.

We can’t forget more traditional choices like blue and gray. These work well with eclectic décor and grow with your interior design.

Pattern and texture trends

Geometric, floral, and animal prints go hand in hand, with the bold feature now trending in color. You can use these options to create a unique style in any room.

For the most popular textures, be sure to ask about plush, frieze, and ribbed carpet flooring. They are widely available and offer exceptional benefits.

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