Choosing to replace your tile flooring with carpet brings up some critical questions. Can you install carpeting over tile?

That is the question we’re going to consider today. Read along to find the answer and more information.

Tile as a subfloor

We can install carpets over a wide selection of materials if they are in good condition. However, we should remove damaged, broken, or loosening tiles.

There are significant benefits to using tile as a subfloor. You don't have to pay to have the old tile torn up, and it saves a lot of time.

Temporary or permanent carpeting

In some cases, adding carpet to an existing tile floor is like adding a wall-to-wall area rug. Since the carpeting is not permanently attached to the tile, you could pull up the carpet and use the tile floor again.

If we use a lasting installation method with adhesives or nails, the edge tiles will be unusable in the future. However, with proper underlayment, you’ll gain excellent stability and performance.

The best carpet for over-tile installation

The thicker and plusher the carpet, the better it is for installing over tile. This helps to ensure that slight subfloor movements are not a problem.

A high-quality underlayment makes it possible to use thinner carpets, absorbing any shifting. To find out more about your specific carpet installation, visit us any time.

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