Many different things can cause carpet water damage, but of course, some causes are more likely than others. If you have carpet water damage in your home and you're trying to work out the potential cause, then some places make the most sense as a starting point. Furthermore, if you are noticing a damp smell or perhaps some other symptoms, these are the best places to start looking. Finally, by knowing the most common causes of carpet water damage in your home, you will be better able to try to avoid them occurring in the first place.

1. Plumbing

Most often, carpet flooring water damage is the result of plumbing problems. Over time, leaky pipes or older systems can have issues that slowly get worse. Luckily, you can conduct visual inspections yourself regularly, to check if your plumbing needs attention.

2. Gutters

When filled with debris, gutters can overflow and, in turn, cause water to run down the exterior of the house. If you have signs of water damage on the lower levels, such as watermarks on outside walls or water build-up in the basement, this can be caused by gutter blockage. Also, check to see if puddles or pools form near the foundation outside.

3. Flat roof

The main danger with a flat roof is that water can pool on top of it over time, even though the design should naturally solve this issue. Unfortunately, the roof may flatten eventually and take on a concave shape. The result of pooling on the roof is water seepage via the ceiling, which can then cause mold near the ceilings of your rooms.

4. Insufficient insulation and heat

Lack of insulation around your windows or in your walls will cause your home to get significantly colder in the fall and winter months. Turning up the heat to combat the cold leads to water condensation on your walls or in your windows. The water sitting in these spots can eventually lead to mold growth. Avoid this problematic scenario by a) heating your home early, as soon as it starts to feel chilly, and keeping it heated throughout the colder months, and b) invest in quality insulation.

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