Carpet in Augusta, GA, is more than a floor covering. Instead, it's a flooring line that offers specific benefits for various homeowners and flooring needs.

You'll have many questions as you search for the perfect floor covering. And when it comes to this product line, we can bring the answers you need for an outstanding installation.

Fiber choices

One of the first things you'll notice when you look at carpeting is the extensive range of fiber choices. Ask about nylon, polyester, olefin, and triexta and the benefits these carpet choices bring to certain areas of your home.

Take the time to also ask about brands that offer built-in stain and odor resistance in their fibers. With these materials, your floors will last longer and look better.

Visual choices

You'll also see extensive visual options that work together for impressive results, including solid colors, designs, patterns, and fiber heights. It's easy to match any décor scheme with the visuals you find in this product line.

Take the time to consider trending looks like neutral blues, grays, and vibrant, multi-color pieces for stunning carpet results. Consider the visuals that will fit your décor scheme or build a new look around your chosen floor covering.

If you have questions about carpet characteristics or benefits, don't hesitate to contact an associate. We have the answers and the flooring you need.

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