Neutral carpeting is an excellent choice for many homes, offering a great surface to match any decor. But what makes up a neutral color choice?

Neutral colors vary and can do so much for many spaces in your home. Here are some facts about these colors and which ones might work for you.

Creams, off-whites, and more

Cream and off-white colors have always been a neutral option in many homes and decor settings. These are perfect for upbeat decor but might be best reserved for low-traffic areas.

Because variations of white in a floor covering can show so much wear and traffic, they aren't often seen in living areas. But they work well in bedrooms and home offices, where less traffic is the rule.

Gray and gray variations

Gray is a fantastic neutral option that means you can match almost any interior design. It's dark enough to hide dirt and debris but light enough not to overwhelm a space.

Muted variations of this color, including taupe, can work well for a neutral surface. And it's an excellent choice for just about any decor color.

Blue carpet is trending

You might not think blue carpeting would be a good neutral, but it works well in this respect. Choose lighter options that don't overpower the decor, and you'll have a great neutral.

To find the perfect one, be sure to see it for yourself. We'll make sure you get to see all the best options for your home.

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