Carpet flooring gives you plenty of options, including fiber types, textures, styles, and colors, so it's easier to create the personalized space you've always wanted. Today, we will focus on which colors are the best accompaniment for wood flooring, so read along for that information.

There are plenty of carpet colors to choose from

Before the question of carpet color can be answered, we must know what kind of hardwood the carpet will be going over. Finding the perfect rug is still manageable but should match those specific attributes with many hardwood colors and formats.

For instance, if your hardwood is light-colored, cool blues are a stunning addition, offering a beautiful complement. Adding designs that include accent colors like yellow, gold, or light brown gives the wood's natural texture and impressive contrast.

When it comes to dark hardwood, light-colored carpets can add a modern look that helps to segment one area away from another. Bright colors are a good choice, adding a modern elegance that is appreciated in many homes.

You can still use dark-colored rugs on darker hardwoods, but make sure the walls or décor are light to balance the room. Be sure to consider samples and ask questions to find the perfect options for your home.

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