Two factors determine a wood floor’s appearance - grain and color. Almost all hardwoods have wood patterns that go with the grain. Further, hardwood is known for its brown to black grain lines. A&D Carpets & Hardwood in Augusta, Georgia, has the hardwood flooring that you are looking for, regardless of the wood species that you prefer. We have a mobile showroom to provide a shop at home convenience. Very light and very dark hardwood flooring is trendy at this time. Stylish hardwoods are both domestic and exotic.

Light-colored hardwood

Oak is the most popular wood species for flooring. Red oak has a pinkish tone and wide grain lines that run in zigzag patterns or wavy lines that resemble flames. White oak has a brown and yellow undertone, and a grain that runs straighter and tighter than red oak. Oak wood grain has a natural look that never looks manufactured. The vast majority of hardwoods consist of off-white coloring. Maple, hickory, ash, and birch wood floors create an upscale look in a home’s living areas. Pale white sugar maple has a fine, light grain while ash grain lines come to a point.

Dark wood floors

Brazilian ebony hardwood floors look almost black. The wood’s distinct straight grain pattern is easily seen despite its dark color. Teak, one of the hardest woods, also has a straight grain. This favored exotic wood can be installed untreated and allowed to age naturally. Black walnut, cherry, and mahogany are additional hardwoods that are prized for their dark brown, sometimes reddish, complexions. Black walnut floor planks have a straight grain while mahogany planks are highlighted by wavy striped grains. Cherry planks often show off pockets of black pitch.

A&D Carpets & Hardwood brings top quality hardwood flooring, from companies like Mohawk, Mannington, and Mullican, to the Augusta metropolitan area. These communities include Martinez, Evans, and North Augusta. We offer services such as installation, design consultation, and subfloor repair. We specialize in custom area rugs, which pair well with hardwood flooring. Our online chat and product catalog can help you get started with your project. In-home estimates are free. Fill out our online form, give us a call, or visit our showroom in Augusta.