Natural and synthetic fibers are used to make the carpet in a seemingly endless number of styles. There is a carpet for every need, whether you want to warm a cement floor or accentuate the decor in a luxurious bedroom. The availability of eco-friendly and pet-friendly brands expands carpet options. A & D Carpets & Hardwoods is a carpet store in Augusta, Georgia that offers various top-quality flooring. Our shop at home service is just one of our customer-friendly services.

Carpet creation

The fiber loops are sewn onto a backing to create carpeting. Nylon and triexta are two of the toughest and most durable carpet fibers. Homeowners who are looking for the most durable style of carpeting choose a brand that is composed of a short, loop pile. The fiber loops can be cut at the tips to create additional types. In general, cut-pile carpeting is softer underfoot than loop pile carpeting.

Carpet pile

The term 'pile' refers to the density of fibers that make up the carpet and the length of those fibers. Typically, high-quality carpeting has a dense pile. If you fold a carpet sample into a V shape, you shouldn't be able to see much of the backing. As for length, the pile varies from almost flat to long shag. Fiber length is usually described as follows:

    ● Low-pile carpet: under 1/4 inch
    ● Medium-pile carpet: 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch
    ● High-pile carpet: 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch

You can find the right floor covering for your home at A & D Carpets & Hardwoods. We have a selection of accent furniture, too. Our home decor department can help you pair your new carpet with furniture to create striking room decor. Other services include residential and commercial installation and flooring, and subfloor repair. In-home estimates are free. We serve the Augusta, Georgia area, including Evans, Martinez, Thomson, Washington, and Lincolnton. We invite you to stop by our showroom in Augusta to begin your carpet upgrade.