High traffic areas have always been a concern for homeowners who have or are considering carpet installation. However, these floors haven't always had the immense number of benefits and characteristics they now must withstand these areas, so read along to find out more.

Take a look at your carpet options for every area

When you have an extremely active home and prefer carpet flooring, you’re going to need a material that works well under that type of pressure and traffic. The good news is there are plenty of options for these spaces, and it’s easier to find them than you think.

Some brands offer stain protection manufactured into the fibers themselves to help keep stains, dinginess, and crushed fibers at bay. This kind of protection never wears or washes away, even with multiple commercial cleanings, so you will be protected for the life of your floor covering.

Fibers such as nylon and polyester offer a certain level of natural stain, crush, and wear resistance that goes so far under medium and light traffic. However, they do not provide the same type of protection, so one fiber or attribute may be more critical to your needs than the other.

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From our showroom in Augusta, GA, A&D Carpet offers a bountiful supply of carpet materials that work for various homeowner requirements. For example, one family may need a floor covering that performs well in even the highest traffic areas, while another may not need as much protection.

From our Augusta, GA showroom, we cater to Martinez, Evans, Augusta, and North Augusta residents, with an excellent selection of materials. In addition, we invite you to visit our carpet store in Augusta, GA, to find the perfect floor covering for every room in your home.