Carpets can last 15 to 25 years if you take care of them properly. We also say to make sure you buy a rug that’s precisely right for your needs and type of installation because, while there are many fibers and styles from which to choose, some are better for specific areas than others. Before you even walk into a carpet store, explore your lifestyle, challenges, and decor; then, have a detailed conversation with us to guide you to the one best suited for you.

Fibers: the foundation of a carpet

Two significant decisions will affect both appearance, performance, and, ultimately, your carpet installation's longevity: type of fibers and pile. As for fibers, there are both natural and synthetic ones, and the choice will ultimately come down to how much you value each's specific characteristics.

Wool is the most common natural; it is soft, plush, white, and somewhat expensive, although some manufacturers combine it with acrylics to bring down the price. Synthetics tend to be more stain-resistant. The four most common ones are nylon (known for strength and good stain resistance) and polyester, which has excellent inherent resistance to stains but isn’t as resilient as nylon. Olefin (polypropylene), often associated with the Berber style, resists stains and is also budget-friendly. Triexta is a relative newcomer to the market but is already highly lauded for strength and permanent stain resistance built into the fiber.

Carpet pile: how the thread loops are attached

Cut pile refers to yarns that are sheared, giving them an upright appearance; these can be of varying heights or twisted, not cut at all (straight loop), or even a combination of cut and looped. The reason this is so important is that every room or area has different challenges and priorities. For example, a high pile like the shag is perfect for the bedroom but wouldn’t work well for the stairway where it needs to provide solid footing and wrap securely around railings.

Proper carpet installation is as necessary as the product itself, and we do it all, from furniture removal to offering design consultations to creating area rugs and more. To learn more, come into the A&D Carpets & Hardwood showroom in Augusta, GA, convenient to Martinez, Evans, Augusta, and North Augusta. Ask about our free carpeting quotes.