Most homeowners know that hardwood flooring and liquid do not get along. So, what should you do if your hardwood flooring gets wet?

We're glad you asked! We will briefly answer the question in today’s post, so read along with us here.

Dealing with wet wood flooring

Many different scenarios require different courses of action when discussing wet hardwood. In addition, the requirements depend on how much dampness is present, how long it had stood on the surface of the wood, and the type of flooring you had in place when the accident occurred.

For instance, if you have engineered wood flooring in a bathroom where a family member steps out onto the flooring with wet feet, it’s unlikely for the flooring to become damaged. As long as the area is dried, your flooring will be safe.

However, if you have solid wood that experiences flood-like conditions that stand for a couple of days, you will likely sustain damage that requires replacement. To discuss this, visit our showroom for any concerns regarding specific hardwood floors and their needs at your convenience.

Caring for your hardwood flooring

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