Before you decide on the right carpet for your home, you must ask yourself two questions. What is my lifestyle? In what room is the installation to take place?

With all the colors, styles, constructions, price points, and fibers, there's something for everyone. Some carpets have extra durability, stain resistance, expanded color palettes, and digital printing.

Before you do anything, though, ask: Do you have kids? Senior residents, who use mobility devices? Is your foot traffic heavy or light? What is your overall decor or style?

A&D Carpets has been operating for over 40 years. We have knowledge and experience, and will always listen to your concerns and desires. The more you can tell us, the better we can guide you.

Why is room important?

People are often tempted to use the same carpet flooring throughout the entire house, but keep in mind that every space has its concerns, priorities, and, especially in the case of stairs, safety issues. Nothing needs to be an exact match as long as they coordinate.

Here are some room considerations that will affect your choice of carpet:

1.What is the sun exposure? Southern exposure is sunny and hot, while northern exposure tends to be a little darker and cooler.
2.Is it large and airy or small and cramped? Color can either visually expand it, or make it small and cluttered.
3.Are there wheelchairs, walkers, rolling chairs with wheels, or heavy furniture?
4.If it’s a living room, is that the center of family activity or is it only used for formal occasions?
5.Stairs have both durability and safety issues. People and pets walk (and run) up and down all day. It also needs to fit properly around railings and treads and provide a strong foundation for the foot.


Many are high and low piles. A high pile carpet has long, loose fibers like the shag or frieze. Low pile carpets have short, tightly woven fibers, like the Berber or any loop pattern. Low piles are easier to keep clean.

Some fall in the middle, such as Saxony. It comes in different styles, so it works in any decor.

To learn more about carpet, come into the A&D Carpets & Hardwood showroom in Augusta, GA, serving Martinez, Evans, Augusta, and North Augusta. We provide free in-home estimates.