There are many facts to learn about your hardwood flooring, even after you have purchased the materials. For instance, it can matter which direction the hardwood is laid, and we’re going to tell you a little more about that as you read along with today’s post.

Hardwood flooring offers many options

In addition to choosing the perfect color, texture, format, more, you should know that hardwood placement has a lot to do with your overall visual results. The planks are most commonly laid parallel with the longest wall in the room because it offers the best visual in most cases.

This placement usually aligns with the planks being placed perpendicularly to the floor joists, which helps make your new flooring structurally stable and prevents sagging boards. If, for any reason, the planks must be laid parallel to the floor joists, be sure to add a plywood underlay of at least a half-inch thickness.

You can also switch things up a bit and request that your floors be laid diagonally. This gives you a gorgeous appearance that can work exceptionally well in rooms of specific sizes, and we can tell you more about it when you visit us.

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