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A & D Carpets’ reclaimed hardwoods bring beauty and character

With reclaimed wood flooring you get the beauty and durability of hardwood as well as a touch of character and history. Reclaimed wood is lumber that has had a past life, and is now repurposed into great flooring. At A & D Carpets, we have a great selection of the most popular types of reclaimed woods.

For people who are concerned about minimizing their environmental footprint, reclaimed wood is the most environmentally friendly flooring option available. Since this wood has been used in the past or has fallen naturally, using reclaimed wood helps curb deforestation as well as reduce landfill waste. At A & D Carpets, we stock a variety of colors and species of reclaimed wood. Reclaimed hardwood tends to have a wider variance in color and tone, which gives rooms an antique and elegant look. In some pieces you can see the old nails and cut marks, lending your floors a worn in historic quality.
Reclaimed hardwood flooring in Martinez GA from A & D Carpets & Hardwoods

A & D Carpets stocks the widest variety of reclaimed hardwoods

One of the most popular reclaimed hardwoods we stock is antique hickory. Hickory tends to be paler or lighter in tone with sometimes curvy and irregular grains. Hickory is an extremely hardy wood that holds up well to frequent use. Reclaimed hardwoods also tend to be even stronger than virgin woods of the same species. This is because most reclaimed hardwoods were milled from original old growth trees instead of first-generation forests.

Another advantage of using reclaimed wood for your flooring is that you can use exotic species of wood that are now much less frequent due to deforestation. At A & D Carpets our sales staff can help you find the perfect reclaimed wood for your home or office.

If you live in the Martinez, Evans, Augusta, and North Augusta areas, come visit our showroom. We will insure that you get only the highest quality reclaimed wood at an affordable price.

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